Which time of the day loves the best?

After male sexual maturity, the penis often has an erection in the morning. The medicine is called “Morning Bo”, which occurs mostly at 4-7 in the morning. For men, the secretion of androgen in the morning is relatively strong, which is conducive to stimulating sexual desire and erection. The degree of erection at this time is harder and longer than any other time, and it will make men more confident in sex. At this time, sexual life can get better results, and it can be more labor-saving. Early: Morning Bo for sexual help At this time, the erection is the most persistent in the read more

Start a new emotion and get ready for these things

I chatted with a friend a while ago. She said that she always evaded thinking about the future, letting the title of the timely and joyful life be the purpose of human life, so she played and played like this. In the end, she found that she had nothing, no stability. The work, the lack of stable economic ability, and finally found that a little regret. Later, I began to recall all the decisions I made at the time. I don’t do it now, I will regret it, but I don’t want to regret it! But now I want to come to everything but it is very ridiculous, because now she lives and then regrets. What read more

How do women like men in sex life?

I believe many people know this sentence: The best way to conquer a man is to conquer her stomach. There is still a sentence that I don’t know if you have heard it. The best place for men to conquer women is not the mall. Bed. In fact, the meaning of this sentence is that the sexual harmony between men and women is one of the important factors for maintaining a relationship for a long time. However, many of our male friends will have mechanical problems in this respect. After a long time, they will lose their sense of freshness. The following small series tells the male friends that women read more

Why do men always love women’s underwear?

In daily life, when sex is about to happen, there is always an inexplicable impulse and feeling between men and women. These feelings are born with us and are the precursors of sex. Women like to be touched and caressed when they have sex. They like to be touched by men, which can make them have a desire to have sex more quickly, so that they have sufficient mental and physical preparation for sex. From simple hands and kisses to skillful stimulation of sensitive bands, each pair of flirting masters knows the mystery and can immediately evoke the partner’s desires. Tactile sensation seems read more

The top ten things that couples want to know most are doubts

Although sex is wonderful, it is inevitable to encounter all kinds of troubles. Recently, the US “Prevention” Medical Network invited a number of clinical sexologists to select some of the most frequently asked questions of sexuality this year and gave professional guidance. Doubt one: “Can I control my vagina and make it tight?” Every woman is the owner of her own vagina, registered therapist Lori & middot; Dr. Mintz said that with the abdominal muscles and biceps Like exercise, the vagina can also become more compact through exercise, and freely retracted. “With the increase read more

9 essential qualities that beauty loves at first sight

In the end, what kind of way does a man use to let the beauty in front of him fall over? Don’t tell me because it is handsome. This is not the root cause. The root cause is the quality of the man’s heart. Let the woman fall in love at first sight. You need to have one of the following qualities: 1. A humorous man will not reject a humorous man if God is a girl. Yes, humor is a kind of wealth, and people who know humor can make people feel happy or very relaxed wherever they go. With such a man, you will feel that the weather is so sunny every day, you can be optimistic about any read more

How to make love after marriage get back to romance

In fact, for the love that has been married for a long time, many people are not very confident that they will make each other’s love romantic every day. After all, most of the real life is dull. However, if we learn the following “home style” love laws, I believe that your love will return to the beginning of marriage without knowing it. The first trick: gentle contact with young partners is easy to fall in love with the bed, so that the contact outside the bed is ignored. In fact, this kind of contact can produce more romantic energy. It is also very simple to develop this read more

New marriage reminder: advice that women must know

Marriage is the most challenging thing for a woman, because as long as she marries the other person, she is basically his life. The new marriage is the starting point and cornerstone of marriage, and holding a good married life can make the marriage develop steadily. Therefore, a woman cannot take a new marriage as a period, but a new starting point. Here, the 5 special advices for newly-married women can be done to make the marriage flatter! The first advice: Accepting the actual marriage after the honeymoon is an exciting life event, but many young couples have just honeymoon After that, I read more

Women are tired of tolerance and monogamy

The monogamy of today’s society is considered to be a major advancement in women’s rights. Of course, this system has also caused many men to find their wives. In the old system, the elites could not occupy as many women as they used to, and reversed the lower-level male marriage. Only in the process of modern marriage, many men choose to derail, and women can only bear it slowly. Only the recent appearance of a female debut TV show suggests that modern women are tired of monogamy. Loyalty is like “the emperor’s new clothes.” The former monogamy was held by the read more

The necessary love qualities of silk men and women

The vast majority of silk men and women, have you not been in love yet? Have you ever experienced the love brought by love? To get the most sincere feelings in love, we must not only have the most true feelings, but also need to have A certain love quality. So in love, what are the qualities we must have? How can we have true love? 1. Dare to love and not sink. Young people’s will to love is very weak. If you are hurt, you will not believe in love too much. In fact, you should believe that true love exists, but it is unrealistic to expect it to transcend everything. Love may change over time, read more