The necessary love qualities of silk men and women

The vast majority of silk men and women, have you not been in love yet? Have you ever experienced the love brought by love? To get the most sincere feelings in love, we must not only have the most true feelings, but also need to have A certain love quality. So in love, what are the qualities we must have? How can we have true love? 1. Dare to love and not sink. Young people’s will to love is very weak. If you are hurt, you will not believe in love too much. In fact, you should believe that true love exists, but it is unrealistic to expect it to transcend everything. Love may change over time, and its demise does not necessarily mean betrayal, but is most likely a natural decline. To know this in love can make us not superstitious about love, and it is not easy to be hurt and desperate. 2, the ability to have love is the premise of wanting to fall in love, but you can’t even understand love, how can you fall in love? The ability to be in love, the ability to understand, the ability to be tolerant and the ability to take responsibility. Don’t expect the lover to share everything for us. There are still many things we still need to face alone; paying is more beneficial than asking for love, and making ourselves happier; Tolerance has an unexpected effect on love. Tolerance may work when requirements, accusations, and pleading fail to achieve purpose. 4, can afford to put this down is a lot of people who broke up in love can not go past the past. Not only men, but also women, they often fall into the shadows after a long break in love, can not extricate themselves. After all, love is not the last marriage. When you can afford to invest, you can forget about it. When the result comes, let rationality stand out. Whether the result is the beginning of marriage or the end of love, you can grasp the initiative of love, not lose your feelings. . The so-called “the shot will be shot when the shot, let go when let go.” 5, open attitude Do not miss the opportunity to have love for various reasons, do not turn around, wait for the rabbit to wait for love, it is very passive. There are bound to be many missed opportunities. Modern rules are the ones that seize the opportunity, take the initiative to pursue, and despise the pursuer. We can despise him. Closing oneself is stupid, and closing love is futile. As long as self-confidence is established, opening up will only make us have love, not burying love. 6, with a little material basis Although material and love are not necessarily proportional, but a little material basis is definitely beneficial to the healthy growth of love, love that does not eat human fireworks is difficult to last. “In the end, love is beyond success. Love is the most beautiful dream in life. Can you say that you have made a successful dream or a dream of failure?” This is the words of the philosopher Zhou Guoping, no matter what our love is. It is smart to use this sentence to encourage and comfort yourself. (Source: NetEase-Female Channel) Guess what you like: Breaking up the 5 state affects the performance of the new Peach Blossoms woman. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health Net gender channel: