Women are tired of tolerance and monogamy

The monogamy of today’s society is considered to be a major advancement in women’s rights. Of course, this system has also caused many men to find their wives. In the old system, the elites could not occupy as many women as they used to, and reversed the lower-level male marriage. Only in the process of modern marriage, many men choose to derail, and women can only bear it slowly. Only the recent appearance of a female debut TV show suggests that modern women are tired of monogamy. Loyalty is like “the emperor’s new clothes.” The former monogamy was held by the woman’s sacrifice and tolerance, but now women are becoming more and more impatient. The Japanese drama “Yan Yan” caused a huge controversy in Japan. People questioned the TV drama producers in inciting the housewife to derail. In my opinion, this is precisely a breakthrough in the power of women in conservative East Asian society. Running for life, chasing Japanese TV dramas is a decade ago. I remember that I was chasing “Tokyo Love Story” and “Long Holiday”. A few days ago, my girlfriend suddenly told me to watch a new Japanese TV drama “Yan Yan”. After reading it, I was stunned. The world of Japanese TV dramas has already been overwhelming. The heroines have already upgraded from pursuing pure love to those who are intoxicated during the day. We. Calm and clever deceive the husband to briefly talk about the plot, “Yan Yan” is the story of the two housewives derailed. One is a “sharp wife” with a charming body and a prosperous life. She must be the focus of the crowd. The famous saying is “If no one pays attention to themselves, it is like living without knowing why.” She is our life. The kind of strong and smart stunner that is common in the family, she treats her husband as a refrigerator. She calmly and calmly deceives her, and uses her high IQ to look for young flesh. The other person who wants dissatisfaction with the pure wife is the “clean wife” in the asexual marriage. The husband and wife have no sexual interest in her, the troubled mother-in-law is nitpicking her, the child is not expecting, she needs part-time work to help the family, and the daily life is like a huge The mud is trapped in her unjust. Under the leadership of the sharp wife, she gradually became the heroine of an unrequited love. What makes people look at it is that every beautiful wife in this drama has a derailed experience, and all of them are derailed and unbeatable. The anti-materialized romantic aesthetic derailment stems from the powerful technical team of the Japanese TV series. Every segment of the derailment is as touching as the first love. The large number of monologues set by Yuki in the screenwriters allows the audience to identify with the women’s choices from the heart, in such a boring and boring marriage. In the case of treating a wife as a refrigerator, if there is a need to open it, and a man who is not repaired, why should a woman stay on the slough? It is expected that this high-profile TV series will cause huge controversy in Japan. Questioning the producers of TV dramas is inciting the housewife to derail. In my opinion, this is precisely a breakthrough in the power of women in conservative East Asian society. Women do not want to sacrifice and endure. Even in East Asia, where men and women are very conservative, women’s derailment is becoming more common. But once it was an elephant in the room, people were indifferent when it didn’t exist, and now the elephant has walked out of the room and officially entered the people’s field of vision, almost becoming a provocation, which broke through some kind of bottom line in male society. . The former monogamy was shackled by women’s sacrifice and tolerance, but now women are becoming more and more impatient. Men borrowing a husband and wife to enjoy multiple sexual partners. In the past, men can be inclusive of social public opinion. When they enjoy marriage, they do not delay the life of multiple sexual partners. Why do women have to endure? After the emergence of a large number of popular works with male derailment, women The derailment finally made its own voice through popular TV dramas. Men in those works emphasized the inhumanity of marriage. The derailment of men helped the marriage to be stable and happy, and the woman of “Yan Yan” invented the same theory. The beautiful Lijiazi said coldly to the world: Only when there is a man outside, will it be better for the husband and the child because of self-awareness, otherwise who will be willing to wash the underwear for the man?