How to make love after marriage get back to romance

In fact, for the love that has been married for a long time, many people are not very confident that they will make each other’s love romantic every day. After all, most of the real life is dull. However, if we learn the following “home style” love laws, I believe that your love will return to the beginning of marriage without knowing it. The first trick: gentle contact with young partners is easy to fall in love with the bed, so that the contact outside the bed is ignored. In fact, this kind of contact can produce more romantic energy. It is also very simple to develop this habit, such as giving a simple head massage to a man while watching TV, or holding him from behind with his arms as he goes out. Or gently kiss him when he adjusts his tie. These hands-on efforts will strengthen each other’s intimacy and make your man happy. The second measure: the active response to the current man is tired, the woman is also tired. But if the woman is tired, don’t forget to take the initiative to respond to this matter. For example, a man has done one thing today, or earned a little extra money. He must be in a good mood when he goes home. If he holds you in the kitchen and kisses you, even if you are in a bad mood, even if your hands are stained with oil, Raise his face and give him a smile. This is the difference between you and “going around, bothering you”. Because in any case, the ultimate help and solve your upset, or your man. His understanding and support are the most important, others are secondary. Xiao Bian recommended: >>> How to find the most suitable sex position for you>>> Controlling the rhythm makes women’s private parts flood like water. The third trick: sexy song and dance. In fact, this trick is the old-fashioned “singer-song”, we add some fashion elements to it. If the conditions permit, put a block of tango or disco in the disc player, two people dance or dance slowly, girls can expose points, the body is close to their man point, this alternative entertainment can also stimulate love. Home conditions are not allowed, may wish to meet three or five friends on the K Hall, in the dim light, with his own man “shoulders meet”, “Ouye”, a few songs and veil dance, the effect is very good. The fourth measure: trying naked sleeping girls naked sleep is good for health, which has been scientifically proven. But to sleep naked with men, non-new girls are shy and stunned. In fact, naked sleep can better understand the barrier-free contact of the skin and enhance the intimacy of each other. Many men do not make this request to a woman, but his heart is expected. Even if nothing is done, the feeling of no gaps is still calm. If you haven’t tried it, then it is recommended that you start to “strip the pig” from tonight and sleep naked. The fifth measure: a research has shown that girls in the conversation with boys, often called his name, the other party will feel more cordial. Now can you go any further and give your partner a nickname? This thing requires accuracy, relatives, and does not care about vulgarity or not. Of course, it is better. For example, there is a woman who calls her lover to be the master, “Master, I am back”, “Master, I want it”, and more beautiful. You can also call your partner bee, bull, leopard, third brother, big head or something, the nickname varies from person to person, and you will call it graciously and often. Tell you, nickname is a patent, exclusive to a woman who loves men, can not be cottage, can not be pirated. Remember to be jealous. Guess what you like: Which sitting posture can seduce men how to seduce a woman to go to bed, blowjob, skill, sex, posture, sex, one-night sex, more content, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network gender channel: