The top ten things that couples want to know most are doubts

Although sex is wonderful, it is inevitable to encounter all kinds of troubles. Recently, the US “Prevention” Medical Network invited a number of clinical sexologists to select some of the most frequently asked questions of sexuality this year and gave professional guidance. Doubt one: “Can I control my vagina and make it tight?” Every woman is the owner of her own vagina, registered therapist Lori & middot; Dr. Mintz said that with the abdominal muscles and biceps Like exercise, the vagina can also become more compact through exercise, and freely retracted. “With the increase of age and fertility, women’s vaginal muscles will become slack, and more than 76% of women’s pleasure will be reduced.” Bisexologist Brill · Dr. Zeng Dan pointed out that women only need to carry out 5 to 10 per day. Exercise, each time you contract the vaginal muscle for 2 to 4 seconds, you can feel the change after one month. Doubt 2: “My wife and I have sex a few times a year. Some friends around me say that couples have little sex. Is this normal?” The survey shows that 5% to 20% of couples in the world cannot enjoy sex for a year. 10 times or less, sociologists call it “sexless marriage.” In the United States, couples who have been married for more than two years account for one-third of the status of asexual relationships. It can be said that asexual marriage is more common than people think. However, Dr. Mintz said: “This is by no means an ideal state of marriage.” There are two types of asexual marriage. One is that the two reach a consensus and do not make love, the other is that one party wants the other and the other does not. If it is the first situation, we must work together to gradually increase sex, and slowly “make more and more think”; if it is the second, we must patiently find out the reasons and solve them together. Doubt 3: “If there are some obstacles in the existence of men, how should we communicate this question?” Be careful and pay attention to the method. New York sexual therapist Abel · Dr. Madison said: “When talking about this issue, the first principle is to protect the man’s self-respect.” The first step, the wife must affirm him, saying that he has made you feel that they are enjoying together in many aspects. In the next step, we must adopt different opinions according to different problems. If it is an erectile dysfunction, it is not necessary to say too much. The man must also be clear. What he needs is the understanding and encouragement of his own woman. If it is a premature ejaculation problem, first say that he “has come very fast, you can add some more time.” You can also encourage men to do more levator ani exercise, tighten the muscles of key parts several times a day, 10 seconds each time, 5 times a day. Times. Consult a doctor if necessary. Question 4: “I feel very boring about the missionary position (male and female), what other suggestions?” Marriage counselor Monica · Svenny said that any position can be boring for a long time. Couples can read some books on sexual knowledge and generally introduce different positions. Currently popular in the United States is the Sex Position Coloring Book. “This is a great way to discuss a topic with a partner.” Question 5: “Why can you reach a climax when masturbating? ?? This problem mainly occurs in women. Dr. Mintz said that masturbation is more irritating to the clitoris, which makes women more likely to climax. In the process of sex, sometimes men ignore the stimulation of the clitoris and reduce the chance of female orgasm. He suggested that men stimulate the key parts of women in the foreplay, which would allow her to get the climax first. Question 6: “I like to say something erotic, but my wife did not respond. Isn’t this not feasible?” Madison said that this is actually a good way to flirt, but to master the way. Men can talk about real feelings in sex, such as where they like their wives, and they can be explicit. Women can also use questions, such as “How do you want me to serve?” Be sure to grasp the scale. Question 7: “No matter how high my passions are, but the following is very dry, what should I do?” This is a specific analysis of specific issues. If it is a menopausal woman, it is usually a problem of estrogen, and hormones can be supplemented with the help of a doctor. If you have not yet reached the menopause, it may be a drug effect, such as an antihistamine that makes the nose dry and also makes the vagina dry. Dr. Mintz said that coffee and spicy foods may also cause dryness. It is recommended to use lubricants to promote female lower body lubrication. Question 8: “I heard that women have G points, why can’t I find them?” There are many reports about G-points, but not many people find them. Dr. Brendan said that G is not an organ, but an anatomical part of the body. Different women have different positions, and some people are more prominent. Men don’t have to worry too much about finding a partner’s G-spot, giving her more caress and foreplay, sometimes better. Question 9: “Now online dating is very common. Will this make sexual relationships more casual?” A US survey found that the Internet does make one-night feelings more, but most people just use the Internet as a heterosexual. tool. Marriage expert Andrea · Sata Shi said: “This does not mean that people can not abide by social norms. When they meet in reality, people will still make decisions based on inner feelings and rationality. Traditional factors such as honesty, humor and wisdom are still attracting the opposite sex. Necessary conditions.” Question 10: “Why do you want your partner to accept sex toys?” Sex toys are double-edged swords. If you use them well, you can increase your sex. If you don’t use them, you may be disgusted. Bennett suggests that you can choose one of the easiest, use on vacation, and try to have fun when the two sides exchange and choose other ways. But no matter which kind, pay attention to hygiene and cleaning.