Start a new emotion and get ready for these things

I chatted with a friend a while ago. She said that she always evaded thinking about the future, letting the title of the timely and joyful life be the purpose of human life, so she played and played like this. In the end, she found that she had nothing, no stability. The work, the lack of stable economic ability, and finally found that a little regret. Later, I began to recall all the decisions I made at the time. I don’t do it now, I will regret it, but I don’t want to regret it! But now I want to come to everything but it is very ridiculous, because now she lives and then regrets. What do you regret? I ask. I should plan my future earlier, or I will not be so embarrassed about the future. she says. Although I know that this is a bit sloppy, is it too late to plan from now on? It’s not bad to start planning now. I just think that the previous youth is always playing. If you can plan earlier, you can be more free now. Later, after deep understanding, I found out that because she had known a man a while ago, and then she had decided to settle down, but her own deposit was not enough. She couldn’t say that she would marry, because she was not the kind of thing she wanted to say about marrying. A woman who does not do anything more deeply thinks that the current economic situation is unstable, and she is worried that the man will not abandon her. Even if there are many friends around, they say to her: If you want to marry, you must find an economically stable object! Yeah yeah! Why are you married? Marrying this kind of thing can’t be just love. Love is the one who can’t live a real life! Every friend has made love and marriage very realistic, which makes her feel that she must think of so many questions when she wants to get married. But to be honest, these friends have not said anything wrong. After all, in the future, it will always be a headache for the rice and oil. It’s just that she knows herself, who doesn’t want to find a better financial ability, but the man is not stupid. He will not smash an economically unstable object for love. Think about it in a different position. It’s just a matter of increasing his own burden. Not to mention that she is a woman who does not want to be a burden to others. If she wants to marry for love at this time, then she is not like her when she was young. She played for fun and did not consider the long-term future. In fact, she is still the same as her. Change, then there will be some days in the future, like now, repenting how I didn’t think much at the beginning. So she began to think a lot about the future. After all, she thought that there was not much time to waste her. Since there is a desire to settle with one person, it is bound to be in the most realistic situation. “Economy/money” must be well planned. a bit. Not every woman has a chance to meet a classic The ability to better than ourselves, sometimes we only blame women for picking objects, in fact, men will also pick objects, then if you find that you fall in love with an object with similar economic power, then the future must be more A good plan is. Now I regret it for what I did before because I don’t understand it, but now I understand that for my future, I have to think better about what to do and try not to regret myself again. The past things have passed, and now if the mind is determined, then use the power to fight for your future happiness! Tell yourself that it’s not too late to start now!