How can men get rid of the threat of death syndrome?

The most precious egg of a man will produce a small group of restless things: sperm. These countless little things are active, energetic, lazy, and weak. Strong, active sperm can often conceive normally, but those who are lazy and weak often die without fighting, and male infertility will appear. This condition is called death syndrome. Death syndrome is the chief culprit of many male infertility, so in order to ensure that sperm can successfully reach their own life goals, prevention of death syndrome is essential. Precautions for death syndrome 1. First, quit smoking and drinking. The harm read more

Teach you how to wash dirt during menstruation

I often hear girls complaining like this. “I must not be a woman in my next life!” Every time I hear this, I will snicker, thinking that this sister has been trapped by my aunt in the past two days. After snickering Xiaobian to make full use of the search skills, after crazy typing on the keyboard, I found a way for the sisters to minimize the trouble during menstruation. Below, still for the menstrual angry sisters, take your big aunt to take a look at the “washing aunt Raiders” you need to learn! Do not blindly clean the vagina, how to do it? Look below Five requirements. read more

Easily exercise and solve the problem of coldness

Some women, with age, household tiring, breastfeeding, raising children, etc., sexual desire will be weakened, and the number of sexes will be greatly reduced. Some have a decline in sex hormone levels, affecting sexual desire; some women are weak and sick, generalized, and sexually depressed, resulting in a cold sex. Ten abnormal situations that need to be vigilant in sexual life

How do men “eat” reproductive health?

As the saying goes, “People eat food for the sky”, there is another saying that “men rely on eating”, indeed diet and health is very important for people’s health. Men who eat properly and properly are good for reproductive health. Let’s take a look at it. For men’s sexual function, how do men eat well, how to “eat” the knowledge of reproductive health. Drinking to nourish yang, eating to nourish yin diet is the basic source of human energy, of course, is also the basic source of yin and yang essence, and yin and yang essence is the material read more

What are the reasons why the younger brother can’t get angry?

When a couple or a couple is ready to enjoy sex, they suddenly find that the younger brother is hard to get up. How awkward it is! The lonely man and the widowed woman live together in one room, and the firewood is at a critical moment. The younger brother is not obedient, and he can’t harden it. Male friends will encounter many, very faceless, this man’s physical and mental damage is multiplied, what is going on? Take a look together. What is the reason for the younger brother’s temper? The psychological reasons for this kind of people do not have any substantial diseases during the read more

Check the most correct private cleaning method

The woman’s lower body is sensitive and tender, but speaking, the vagina is the most important reproductive organ of a woman. It connects the uterus to the external genitalia and is one of the most vulnerable organs to bacterial damage. In life, we should pay attention to vaginal hygiene. If there is a problem, it will cause great harm to women. So we should always clean the vagina. But how much do you know about the way to clean the vagina? Next, we will introduce the correct method of vaginal cleaning. Washing with warm water For healthy women, vaginal cleansing can only be done with read more

Be wary of three common types of false contraception in men

Contraception is the most realistic lesson in reality for many men and women. However, men do not like the feeling of wearing a set of boots, so many men fall into the misunderstanding of contraception, using inappropriate contraceptive methods, resulting in the body was affected. Let us know which contraceptive methods are not good for men. The oppressive urethra doctor said that men who use this method of contraception will be more harmful to the human body, because compressing urethral contraception will cause semen to flow back and stay in the urethra, causing urinary tract swelling, burning read more

Female use of chastity with 11 measures

Sheung Wan is nowadays many women prefer contraceptive measures. They can cooperate with family planning and restore fertility at any time. They are simple, safe, effective, economical and do not affect sexual life. If there is no or no self-monitoring after the ring, there will be some undue complications, and even contraception will fail. In general, the contraceptive ring has the following 11 measures. 1. It is strictly forbidden to participate in heavy physical labor within one week of Sheung Wan. 2. Forbidden sexual intercourse within three weeks. 3. Under five weeks, underwater operations read more

5 kinds of contraceptive methods, which is best for you

Today, contraception has become an indispensable part of our sexual life. In the face of a wide variety of contraceptive methods, which one is the best for us? However, no matter which method of contraception, it should be remembered that contraception should be the most convenient and comfortable, in line with the stage of physiological state, it should be an easy thing. To this end, I will introduce you to 5 kinds of contraceptive methods to see which one is best for you! Xiaobian recommended: Must know: those wonderful but practical contraceptive methods 6 time period is the best period for read more

Contraceptive or condom, which is the safest

When it comes to contraception, many people think of contraceptives and condoms first. However, in the two most frequently used contraceptive measures, which contraceptive method is more reliable and safer? LELO once said that perfect sex is based on health and safety. To this end, we must ensure reliable security measures to make sex more perfect. Below, let us take a look at which contraceptive method is the most efficient and reliable! Xiaobian recommended: Must know: couples sex life contraceptive measures pros and cons after the birth of the “confinement” to be alert to nine read more