Which women’s dead spots can’t be touched?

Lead: The so-called “beating people do not face, the monks do not reveal short”, husband and wife must also follow a certain morality, each person has a most vulnerable place in the heart can not touch, especially women. To this end, women, these dead man, do not touch. Second, the evaluation of his mother and family is true. Not all father-in-law, mother-in-law, little nephew, and nephew are good enough. However, your wife, as a member of the family who grows up with them, can never get rid of a strong affection, even her close relatives. If there is anything wrong with her, she read more

How do you know that you are ovulating, how to calculate?

How do you know that you are ovulating, how to calculate it? Generally, women with regular menstruation are about 14 days before menstruation, but if women with irregular menstruation, they need another calculation method. They can also determine the ovulation period and ovulation day through ovulation test strips, so that women can do at this stage. The corresponding measures are taken. The ovulation calculation method for women to be pregnant is determined by monthly periodic ovulation. And with ovulation, there will be a menstrual period. Menstruation and ovulation are closely related and read more

How to calculate the ovulation period in women with irregular menstruation?

How to calculate the ovulation period in women with irregular menstruation? Women with irregular menstruation also have her calculation method, but it is more complicated. If women want to know whether the ovulation period is coming, they can use ovulation test paper, body temperature test and B-ultrasound test, and these methods are also very accurate. It is possible to test the date of the ovulation day, which is very good. Changes in leucorrhea at the beginning of pregnancy Women will have great changes in their early stages of pregnancy, such as menstruation, vaginal discharge, etc. So, read more

What is the body temperature of women during ovulation?

What is the body temperature of women during ovulation? During the ovulation period, the temperature of the woman will be higher than normal, which is the body temperature test method, but when the real ovulation day, the body temperature will drop to the normal body temperature, this time if the woman needs further confirmation You can use ovulation test strips, and the line is obviously the time for ovulation. How to measure ovulation with a thermometer? How to measure ovulation with a thermometer? Recording the basal body temperature measured every day on a body temperature record sheet and read more

How many days does a woman have a normal ovulation period?

There are a few days about the normal ovulation period of a woman. Everyone has their own ideas and they all have different ideas. There are several problems in the normal ovulation period. It can only be said that because of the different physical constitution of each person, the normal ovulation period is also very different. Here we let the experts explain to us the normal ovulation period of the woman for several days. . 1. Generally speaking, women have 10 days of ovulation. Normal women will ovulate once every menstrual cycle (usually one month). The day of ovulation is “ovulation day”, read more

Q: Women are not pregnant during ovulation.

Isn’t it gestational pregnancy? Generally speaking, there is no egg production during ovulation, so there is no pregnancy. However, because each woman’s safety period is not so easy to infer, sometimes it is affected by emotions and advanced or pushed back, and the ovulation period is not as obvious as menstruation, it is difficult to detect, and sometimes it is because women are excited. And the situation of “improvised ovulation”. Therefore, as far as the individual is concerned, the chance of pregnancy is small! The ovulation date of women is generally about 14 days read more

How to calculate the most accurate ovulation period

There are too many ways to calculate the ovulation period, and there are some reactions in the female body during ovulation, such as elevated body temperature, increased vaginal discharge, backache and so on. It can be seen that the ovulation period is up. For the question of how to calculate the most accurate ovulation period for the long menstrual cycle, Xiaobian gives detailed answers in the following article. Ovulation calculation What is the ovulation calculation? The ovulation period of women with regular menstruation is generally 14 days before the next menstrual period, and the ovulation read more

How to get pregnant during ovulation? how should I do it?

How to get pregnant during ovulation? For female friends, ovulation can increase the fertilization rate of the egg. In general, ovulation is the best time for women to conceive. Then, for female friends who want to be promoted to expectant mothers, they must grasp the opportunity. So what should be done specifically? How to share the same room during ovulation? If you determine the approximate ovulation period, you must master the skills of ovulation in the same room. First, the survival time of the egg is 24 hours, but the fertilization ability is greatly reduced after 6-8 hours after discharge, read more

Do you live up to the standard of “sexual well-being”?

According to relevant surveys, the average number of sexual life of Chinese people is about 69 per year, while that of Americans is more than 120 per capita. In this regard, Chinese sociologists say that the number of times is only one aspect, and more importantly, quality. For example, a couple of 25-year-old couples may have sex three or four times a week, but each time they end in a few minutes, then we can’t say that their husband and wife have reached a “sexual well-off” level; Old couples, maybe their sex life is once every half month or even once a month, but the quality read more

How to avoid premature ejaculation on men and women wedding night

Many people are prone to premature ejaculation during the wedding. Especially when the newlyweds have sex in the first few days, the husband’s penis has not touched the wife’s vagina or just inserted, and the ejaculation involuntarily occurs, so that the penis is weak and cannot continue. Sex life. Then, why is the most likely to have premature ejaculation on the wedding night? How can we avoid premature ejaculation on the wedding night? How to avoid premature ejaculation on the wedding night? First, we must first prepare for work, not for sexual intercourse and simple sex life, read more